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 In Tower of Fantasy, lessening assets and an absence of energy have driven humanity away from earth and relocate to Aida, a lavish and tenable outsider world. There, they noticed the comet Mara and found an obscure yet strong energy called "Omnium" contained in it. They constructed the Omnium Tower to catch Mara, however because of the impact of Omnium radiation, a disastrous calamity happened on their new homeworld.

Vivid Open-World

Experience a huge outsider world brimming with delightful open vistas and forcing cutting edge structures.

Exceptional Characters

Employ the novel weapons of each character that award different ongoing interaction styles as you investigate their convincing origin stories.

Develop and Explore Together

Party up with companions on the web and take on new undertakings in the common open world.

Awe-inspiring Combat

Take part in amazing clashes against foes of every kind as you switch weapons and interactivity styles on the fly to open your very own battling style.

Investigate and Interact

Investigate and cooperate with a lively living world as you find your own excursion through it.

Tower of fantasy android new version 1.3 gb

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